Tuesday, July 24, 2007

J&B Software will demonstrate the new Cheq-IT Vermezzo System at the 2007 TAWPI Conference

(All Pay News – July 19, 2007)
Cheq Information Technology Inc. today announced that following the successful integration of the Cheq-IT Vermezzo System into their NDM Remote Capture Solution, J&B Software will be demonstrating their solution at the Annual TAWPI 2007 Convention. Jim Wynn, Director of Marketing for J&B Software commented, “This new capture device is a ‘must see’ for those organizations who are looking to combine pages, checks, coupons and source documents in a single pass. By combining the attributes of this new scanner with our NDM Remote Capture solution, users will be able to measure for themselves the process improvements and benefits that we can now provide.” According to Tom Benedetto, J&B Software’s Director of Industry Solutions, “We had recognized for some time the need for a system that could capture full page and check size documents in a single pass would be of considerable benefit to our corporate clients. Now that we have done our first integration, we are quickly learning that this system opens the way to further automate image processing across a broad spectrum of applications. For example, we can now further automate our client’s branch locations and ‘image capture’ many different paper based applications that are still performed there.” He went on to say, “With the advent of Check 21 clearing, there is now no limitation on regional or nationwide corporate remittance capture being channeled to a central corporate treasury cash management system.” John V. Ashley, CEO of Cheq Information Technology Inc. the supplier of the Cheq-IT Vermezzo System concluded by saying “J&B Software share our vision for the commercial use of the Vermezzo System and it is very gratifying for us to work with such a talented company who are pressing the envelope of change to the benefit of their clients.”

Monday, July 23, 2007

Consumers on track to spend $1.3 trillion a year at self-service machines by 2011

From IHL: When it comes to paying for goods & services, consumers continue to take matters into their own hands. North American consumers are on pace to spend $525b at self-checkout lanes, ticketing kiosks & other self-service machines in 2007, an increase from $438b in 2006. ‘The revenue generated by self-service transactions should continue this pace of growth in the coming years,’ said Greg Buzek, IHL. ‘We expect that expenditures made at self-service kiosks will rise by 20% this year & 18% in 2008. Demand for self-checkout systems & other kiosks should push the dollar value of transactions to $1.3 trillion by 2011. Consumers enjoy self-service & increasingly seek out retailers that offer the technology. Retailers & other businesses are finding that self-service kiosks can increase customer loyalty, & customer satisfaction.’ In the market study, 2007 North American Self-Service Kiosks, IHL examines the increasing use of 4 types of self-service kiosks where payment is accepted: self-checkout systems, ticketing kiosks, check-in kiosks, food ordering, & postal kiosks. The report covers self-service kiosks in US & Canada, detailing the number & type of kiosks shipped historically. It provides forecasts for each type of kiosk, in terms of units shipped & revenue transacted. The report highlights best practices & best-in-class machines for each kiosk class.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

TAWPI 2007 Forums and Expo Partners with the Indo American Chamber of Commerce

TAWPI has announced a strategic partnership with the Indo-American Chambers of Commerce (IACC) for this years 2007 Forums and Expo this August 12th to 15th in Boston Massachusetts.

The IACC is focused on promoting trade, highlighting international business opportunities, and acting as a catalyst for developing economic growth between India and the United States.

“Having the international support of the IACC and bringing their members and technology buyers to Boston for the TAWPI event this summer is something we are extremely excited about.” “With the explosive growth overseas in payments and the data capture industries, the TAWPI event is a perfect match for their members to network and learn about new business applications,” said Frank Moran President TAWPI.

The TAWPI 2007 Forums and Expo is renowned for bringing together end-user professionals who share ideas and concepts openly and thoroughly for mutual understanding and knowledge. This event is specifically designed for senior level information technology executives looking for information on how to manage, streamline and optimize their information capture processes.

“We are happy to offer our IACC members who are involved in information capture the benefit to attend the TAWPI Forums and Expo.” “This will provide our members the opportunity to network with end-users from the United States and also bring back certain technologies and best practices to India for our own operations,” said Shabina Patel -Regional Director.

About IACC: The IACC is focused on promoting trade, highlighting international business opportunities, and acting as a catalyst for developing economic growth between India and the US. Discover significant business opportunities, read opinions of the experts and find practically everything to do with Indo-US Business on our website. Also available special benefits by becoming an IACC member - like free publications and up to date information at all times. Membership to the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce is something everybody connected with Indo-US business, trade or relations looks forward to. IACC has more than 2,600 members-representing small, medium and large enterprises, both Indian and American. Web: www.iaccindia.com

About TAWPI: TAWPI is a Membership Association dedicated to helping practitioners in the payments automation, distributed capture, and imaging & forms processing arenas maximize their value as professionals, enhance operations efficiency and effectiveness, and position their organizations for success in the future. For more information, visit www.tawpi.org.

Friday, July 13, 2007

VeriFone Announces Agreement for In-Taxi Acceptance of Credit Cards with New York’s Largest Taxi Leasing Association

Now we're talking. There is nothing worse than burning cash on a business trip or vacation for taxi's.

from The Greensheet – July 12, 2007)VeriFone Holdings, Inc. announced today an agreement to be the preferred vendor of integrated payment solutions to the largest licensed taxi leasing association in New York City, the Committee for Taxi Safety with 3,000 member taxis. VeriFone also announced that more than 5,000 New York City taxis are signed or committed to comprehensive multi-year agreements for in-taxi acceptance of credit cards. Last month, systems implemented by VeriFone's US-based taxi business, VeriFone Transportation Systems, were the first authorized by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) for the city's more than 13,000 taxis. Jeff Dumbrell, VeriFone senior vice president, North America, said, "New York City currently has over 13,000 active yellow cabs that have been mandated to provide card payment and passenger information services by the end of the year. We are continuing our sales campaign and expect to make further progress in the months ahead."
Committee for Taxi Safety Agreement