Monday, April 2, 2007

WAUSAU Acquire's DMP Strengthening their grip in the Retail and Wholesale lockbox processing Marketplace

April 2, 2007

A message from the President of WAUSAU

Dear Valued WAUSAU Partner:

WAUSAU is committed to reinventing financial solutions for our customers and for the payments industry. The business of payments remains dynamic, requiring that growth-oriented companies continue to evolve to address the changing needs of the industry. That fact is what has driven us to establish strategic partnerships, such as the one we enjoy with you.

As the market leader in distributed payments and document processing, WAUSAU is committed to providing innovative paper-to-electronic solutions to meet the evolving marketplace demands for remote capture, remittance, image/item processing and enterprise content management.

At WAUSAU, we have developed a strategic plan for long-term growth in the payments industry, with a commitment to strength in solutions and services. We have three strategies for enhancing our solution offerings – build, partner or acquire. We are excited to inform you about a key acquisition to enhance our remittance solution package.

To further strengthen our leadership position in the remittance market space, we are pleased to announce that WAUSAU has purchased the assets of DMP Payment Systems (also known as Data Management Products, Inc.). This acquisition of DMP positions WAUSAU as the clear leader in both retail and wholesale lockbox processing in the market today. We are committed to growing that leadership with continued solution enhancements to maintain our best-of-breed positions with both lockbox offerings.

DMP, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is the market leader in wholesale lockbox solutions, with over 60 customers, including 22 of the top 100 financial institutions – processing more than a third of the wholesale lockbox transactions in the industry today.

The DMP solutions complement WAUSAU’s current retail lockbox market leadership. The WAUSAU ImageRPS solution is already used to process more than a third of the industry’s retail lockbox payments, with the leading remittance offering being utilized at four of the six largest retail lockbox processors. WAUSAU solutions also process over 35 percent of the industry’s Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) transactions to ACH.

In addition to our remittance industry leadership, WAUSAU is recognized as the market leader in remote capture. WAUSAU’s Remote Corporate Capture suite was rated “Best of Breed” by Celent, the respected industry analyst group, in its 2006 review of the top market vendors. While offering a full suite of web-based, PC-based, lockbox and ASP options for Remote Corporate Capture, WAUSAU also provides complete workflow and archive solutions through our enterprise content management product line.

The addition of the DMP solutions to WAUSAU’s existing offerings creates a true end-to-end lockbox solution for our customers. From remote capture to electronic clearing to archive and workflow, WAUSAU offers the only complete remittance solution available in the market today for financial institutions, corporations, utilities, non-profits and governmental units.

With this move, we are pleased to welcome Jim Mills and his talented team at DMP to the WAUSAU family. DMP will maintain its operational headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, with the entire DMP team remaining intact.

At WAUSAU, we look forward to the expansion of opportunities in the growing wholesale lockbox market that the addition of the DMP solutions and customer base will allow us to offer.

Since we are acquiring a complete and experienced company in DMP, we anticipate a seamless integration during the transition process, allowing WAUSAU to remain committed to our 2007 business plans for continued enhancements across all our solutions. At WAUSAU, we are absolutely excited about this acquisition, and the prospects of what we and DMP together will be able to offer your business in the coming year in remittance, remote capture, image/item processing and enterprise content management.

Thank you for our valued partnership, and we look forward to expanding our relationship in 2007. If you have any questions about the DMP acquisition or how it can enhance our partnership, please contact Doug Deardorf, Vice President - Strategic Partnerships, or any member of our management team.

Thank you again.


Joseph L. Delgadillo
President & CEO

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