Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl Predictions

By Mark Brousseau

With all of the major issues facing the payments and document automation markets (I’ll spare you the reminders), I thought it might be a good time to take a few moments to reflect on something a little less serious (for most of us): this weekend’s Super Bowl. Below is a roundup of predictions from TAWPI members on the big game. Feel free to add your own prediction and rationale below. And don’t worry: Monday I’ll be back to writing about business process improvement.

Bob Kirk, ChoicePay:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “One for the other thumb … Super Bowl rings, that is.”

Karan, McClimans, T. Rowe Price:
The Arizona Cardinals -- "Kurt Warner has to prove that 37 is not old!"

Sue Barnhill, BancTec:
The Arizona Cardinals -- "I'm cheering for Arizona so that Pittsburgh doesn't grab more Super Bowl rings than my team, the Dallas Cowboys."

Jim Bunn, IBML:
The Arizona Cardinals -- "Larry Fitzgerald is a wild, sinewy beast who cannot be stopped."

Dana Showers, Capture Sage:
The Pittsburgh Steelers -- "They are going to push Warner around."

Bob Lund, eGistics:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Based on their defense and history in the big game. My prediction: Steelers 24, Cardinals 13”

Mario Villarreal, US Dataworks:
The Arizona Cardinals -- "I'm an old Houston Oilers fan ... I hate the Steelers!"

Jason Glass, TAWPI:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Defense wins Super Bowls, and Pittsburgh has a shut-down defense. Ben Roethlisberger will become the worst quarterback to win two Super Bowls, and New England Patriots fans will never hear the end of it.”

Vincent Marzula, PNC Bank:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “A strong defense trumps a strong offense.”

Robert Stangl, eGistics:
The Arizona Cardinals – “They must win, because they won’t be back soon.”

Jay Matyas, PNC Bank:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “We waited almost 30 years for the ‘One for the Thumb.’ Now it’s time to begin on the other hand!”

Blaine Carnprobst, The Bank of New York Mellon Treasury Services:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Arizona has a high-powered passing attack with Warner, Boldin and Fitzgerald, but they are near the bottom on running and don’t have a strong defense. As a Steelers fan, my hope is that the secondary controls the Arizona passing attack and the Steelers offense has little difficulty with Arizona’s defense. My prediction: Steelers 24, Cardinals 17.”

Ron Victor, JPMorgan Chase:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “I bleed black and gold … need I say more? Prediction: 27 to 16 Stillers … that’s Pittsburghese.”

Bruce Wallace, Silicon Valley Bank and
Chairman of the TAWPI Board of Directors:

The Arizona Cardinals – “Absolutely no logic … simply a hunch.”

Ed Pearce, eGistics:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “I know the punter Sepulveda, who has been hurt all year.”

Frank Moran, TAWPI:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Pittsburgh is going to win by at least two touchdowns. The Cardinals should be on vacation. Remember, the Cardinals lost to the Patriots 47-7.”

Bill Welling, CDS Global:
The Arizona Cardinals – “Kurt Warner is destined to show the world that he has some magic left in him.”

Serena Smith, Fidelity National Information Services:
The Arizona Cardinals – “I always root for the underdog.”

Ed Kinsella, John Hancock:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Pittsburgh will win because of its tough, smothering defense ... but I’m rooting for the Cardinals. The first five minutes will determine the game.”

Rob Haberman, Purepay:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “My money is on the Steelers. Roethlisberger is a smart, tough quarterback and the Steelers are very strong on defense. Prediction: Pittsburgh by 7.”

Chuck Corbin, BancTec:
The Arizona Cardinals – “Four reasons: perseverance, focus, Kurt Warner, and the fact that I am a die-hard Cowboys fan and have always hated both teams from Pennsylvania.”

Bryan Bruton, eGistics:
The Arizona Cardinals – “Since they were in the same division as the Dallas Cowboys when I was young … they will always be the St. Louis Cardinals to me.”

David Nitchman, TAWPI:
The Arizona Cardinals – “Kurt Warner becomes the only quarterback to win the Super Bowl with two different teams. Anything to wipe that infuriating smile off of Hines Ward’s face!”

Lesa Brooks, CDS Global:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “The Steelers will win because they have more big game history – with the second-most Super Bowl appearances – and have the best winning percentage in those appearances. Not to mention they are the best football team ever!”

Wally Vogel, Purepay:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Because they have the triple threat of Roethlisberger, Parker and Ward.”

Joe Sass, US Bank:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Because Jay Matyas is a Steelers fan.”

Melissa Comeau, TAWPI:
The Pittsburgh Steelers – “Arizona is a lousy team.”

Debby Kristofco, IBML:
The Pittsburgh Steelers -- "I married a Pennsylvania boy."

What do you think? Post your prediction below.

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Paul Diegelman, BancTec said...

Steelers, because Chuck Corbin has no idea what he's talking about ;-)