Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Highlights Need for Supply Chain Resilience

Posted by Mark Brousseau

The current Swine Flu outbreak highlights the need for supply chain resilience.

INSIGHT, Inc. notes that with the Swine Flu, natural disasters, or terrorist plots constantly in the news these days, companies must be prepared for business disruptions by having in place an overall risk management and resilience plan. Companies must perform rigorous analysis of their supply chain network to uncover its vulnerabilities and manage risk, INSIGHT says.

"Supply chain teams need to immediately analyze their supply chain networks for the potential impact this risk may have on their company, customers, and trading partners," said Jeff Karrenbauer, president of INSIGHT, Inc. "These issues impact corporate survival and highlight the need for assessing supply chain vulnerability as a factor in business continuity planning."

What steps is your organization taking to prepare for a potential flu pandemic? Post your comments below.

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manny paul said...

The virus is likely to become less virulent the faster it is transmitted, writes Ian Sample, but in the short term the more people....
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