Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Predictions for Payments Security

Posted by Mark Brousseau

As 2010 came to an end, it was no surprise that payments security was a top priority for financial institutions, credit card companies, merchants and consumers.

Progress in stopping attacks was achieved last year, resulting in many high-profile arrests. More than 50 individuals involved in the highly publicized Zeus gang were apprehended, and developers of the Mariposa botnet, which stole information from approximately 12.7 million users around the world, were arrested. Most recently, five arrests were made this year for taking part in a series of denial-of-service attacks against major websites as part of the group "Anonymous."

Despite these efforts, cyber fraud is far from being eliminated. In fact, it is evolving into groups (WikiLeaks), resulting in even more malicious and dangerous attacks on consumers and organizations in 2011.

Daniel McCann, president of NetSecure Technologies, a provider of online transaction security solutions, sees the following payments security trends and issues in 2011:

... The emergence of hacker groups

... An increase in mobile fraud as mobile commerce increases

... More attacks on Apple’s i-products as they continue to dominate the industry

... A significant increase in security spending, especially in new technologies like virtualization

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