Thursday, May 26, 2011

Avoid these document imaging mistakes!

By Mark Brousseau

Despite the lousy economy, document imaging solutions continue to enjoy strong adoption among organizations of all sizes. No wonder: the technology is proven to deliver tremendous operations and business benefits, including lower processing costs, streamlined storage and retrieval, and better information tracking and reporting.

But even the strongest business case for document imaging can be undermined by crucial errors during system deployment, says Brett Rodgers (, manager, Solution Consulting, Americas, at ibml (, a Birmingham, AL-based document imaging solutions provider.

If you want to keep your document imaging business case on track (and who doesn't?), Rodgers suggests avoiding the following 10 all-too-common foul-ups during system deployment:

1. Incorrect sizing of the necessary number of document scanners.

2. Not including all stakeholders (business and IT) in the requirements definition.

3. Buying technology without first conducting a proof of concept.

4. Making decisions on front-end and back-end software separately.

5. Not coordinating software and hardware vendors during system deployment.

6. Not using a phased implementation approach (biting off too much at once).

7. Letting "fear of change" take over.

8. Not thinking LEAN.

9. Not cutting the paper cord.

10. Not "sharing" -- as in utilizing shared services.

What was your biggest mistake when deploying document imaging?

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