Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Time for Inaction

By Mark Brousseau

While it’s vital to carefully manage investments, it’s an important time not to “hunker down.” That’s a key message that IDC will deliver this morning during a Webinar on the firm’s predictions for 2009. IDC says that while the recession is slowing down the entire market, it is accelerating the transformation of the IT industry.

IDC believes the disruptive vectors of the market will be among the highest-growth sectors in 2009, as their advantages are magnified in a down economy. Suppliers who slow-down their transformation will limit long-term viability and miss near-term growth, IDC predicts.

For instance, growth of cloud computing will slow in 2009, IDC says, but still expand its growth edge over traditional offerings. Additionally, online commerce, while experiencing slower growth, will break the $8 trillion mark, and take more market share from traditional commerce. The number of people online next year will exceed 1.5 billion – about ¼ of the entire population of the planet – IDC predicts.

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