Friday, August 7, 2009

Hidden Benefits of Outsourcing

When most organizations consider outsourcing, Mike Smith of SourceCorp says the most obvious benefits come to mind:

... Cost containment through labor savings
... Increased accountability
... Leveraging the provider's extensive investment in technology, methodologies and people
... Reassignment and better management of in-house labor

Smith says more savvy organizations recognize that there are a myriad of less obvious, but just as vital, benefits, including:

... Reduction of overall management burden
... Access to specialized skills and industry best practices
... Improved credibility and images by associating with superior providers
... Increased flexibility to meet changing business requirements
... Improved internal management
... Increased security

"Given the capabilities present in today's marketplace, major outsourcing firms offer extremely high levels of security that oftentimes outperform those of the organizations seeking to engage their services," Smith says, adding that usually security is a perceived risk to outsourcing, but is not in actuality.

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