Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TAWPI Releases Findings on Payment Processing Benchmark Report

TAWPI has just released the findings of our 2009-2010 Payments Processing Benchmark Study. The study is the most up to date, comprehensive study ever produced on current and future trends in payment processing including mail, lockbox and remittance operations. The report examines the productivity and cost of processing payments through an analysis of various functions such as:

  • Measurement of payment processing performance across dozens of benchmarking dimensions, including volume adjusted cost per item for both clean and exception items.

  • Integration levels of front-end payments systems with back-end ERP platforms (e.g., SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.)

  • Data on the adoption of ARC and Check 21 image deposits and statistics on the growth of biller direct recurring payments using ACH, debit and credit cards

  • Feasibility and cost justifications for in-house versus outsourcing of various payment functions

For more information and to obtain the results click here and be directed to the TAWPI website.

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