Monday, May 10, 2010

Good morning Rock Stars!

Ladies and gentlemen, supervisors and CFOs, welcome to FUSION 2010! IAPP/IARP Chairman Eric Jones and Robert Lund, Chairman of the TAWPI board of Directors, officially announced the merger of the two organizations, which will continue to operate as autonomous organizations with a shared staff and shared board of directors. Keynote Speaker John Walsh has just taken the podium . . . but the question of the morning was: Who were those masked, um, thingies, in flaming red and green who opened the show, T-shirt cannons blazing? Your inside source has it on good authority it was FUSION staffers Ken Brown and Diane Sears, morphed by the power of FUSION. Never fear. They have promised to only use their superpowers for good – and to never wear tights in public again.

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