Monday, June 7, 2010

Changes taxpayers can believe in

Posted by Mark Brousseau

“Many taxpayers believe they can’t get a fair shake from their state tax system,” Walter Hellerstein, Shackelford Professor of Taxation, University of Georgia Law School, said this morning at the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) Annual Meeting at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. “They think there are too many thumbs in the mix. This is what’s driving so many of the problems that we are seeing, not to mention, the Tea Party movement.”

Getting to a more “robust” tax system that is closer to “the ideal” will go a long way toward changing taxpayers’ negative perceptions, Hellerstein told attendees. He said that some key changes should include a streamlined sales tax, independent state tax courts, withholding on flow-through entities, federal-state tax coordination, and corporate income tax uniformity. “These changes would at least get us to where we could talk to each other in more civil tones,” Hellerstein said. “The answer is respect; not only between federal and state entities, but also between taxpayers and states.”

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