Sunday, November 7, 2010

SharePoint and eDiscovery Readiness

Posted by Mark Brousseau

When it comes to eDiscovery readiness, getting involved in their organization’s SharePoint initiatives should be a top priority for records managers, Martin Tuip, senior technical product marketing manager, Iron Mountain Digital, said during a presentation today at the ARMA Annual Conference in San Francisco.

SharePoint broke the $1 billion revenue mark last year, and has continued to rise past that total this year, making it the hottest-selling server-side product ever for Microsoft, Tuip said, adding that many organizations are planning to deploy SharePoint 2010 or have already done so.

“But the problem at many organizations is that SharePoint initiatives are being driven by IT, without much involvement from records managers. IT and records managers need each other,” Tuip said. “All of the content in SharePoint might have to retained, depending on your business.”

“From a legal perspective, eventually you will have a matter that will require information out of SharePoint. Those lawsuits will eventually come,” Tuip predicted. “Export functionality is available in SharePoint, but in an extremely limited fashion.” Records managers need to be proactive about working with their IT team to prepare for these inevitable eDiscovery actions, Tuip explained.

“You know that this is coming down the line,” Tuip said.

The first step in implementing SharePoint governance, Tuip said, is to determine what is going to be a vital record for your organization. Then get IT involved in setting the governance standards and determining how to implement them. Organizations can leverage their existing infrastructure to provide for seamless retention of SharePoint content, or “pick a new product that can assist with all of your retention concerns,” Tuip said. He warned that, “eDiscovery is risky. The problem with eDiscovery is that content hides in multiple places. That’s why organizations need an eDiscovery application that provides comprehensive enterprise-wide search queries of the most requested ESI types. A proper eDiscovery application can significantly reduce the collection time associated with lawsuits.”

Tuip concluded: “I love SharePoint. I think that it’s a phenomenal solution. But records managers need to understand that it doesn’t have eDiscovery capabilities, and they’ll have to work with IT to determine how to deal with that.”

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