Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maximizing RDC Payback

Posted by Mark Brousseau

Not getting the labor savings you expected from your bank's remote deposit capture solution? Wally Vogel, founder and CEO of Creditron, Inc. (wvogel@creditron.com) is not surprised.

"In instances where checks come in and are posted to accounts receivable, scanning the checks for the bank saves a trip to the bank, but does nothing to aid in reducing data entry, balancing, or exception handling," Vogel explains. "These are the time-consuming parts of posting and depositing payments, and they are not addressed by a remote deposit scanner from the bank."

Vogel adds, "What will save significant time is a complete remittance processing solution which can: scan remittance documents and checks, automatically recognize data to reduce key entry, balance the transaction, and perform look-ups and validity checks to handle exceptions quickly. Of course, a complete remittance processing solution also can update the accounts receivable system and deposit items remotely as well, without requiring the user to re-scan or re-key the checks."

The bottom line: the trick to saving time with remote deposit capture is to handle both sides of the transaction with a single automated solution, Vogel says.

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