Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Improving Business Processes in a Challenging Economy

Posted by Mark Brousseau

In the midst of deepening budget and staffing cuts, the critical importance of effective enterprise information management has never been greater.

"Now more than ever, organizations need to find ways to automate business processes, connect people and ideas more economically, reduce legal and regulatory exposure, and improve information access and business performance transparency," said Tom Bliss, Group Conference Director, Questex Media, producers of the AIIM International Exposition + Conference.

During a presentation at the event, Whitney Tidmarsh, vice president of EMC, said, "In 2009, IT will face even more increasing pressures and CIOs will be scrutinized for their ability to deliver better business efficiency, risk reduction and more rapid ROI. At the same time, employees, partners and customers are demanding transparency and a more open flow of information enabled by social networks and collaborative Web 2.0 applications. Faced with an explosion of user-generated data and increased information sharing, organizations are challenged to protect and retain this information and somehow generate value from it."

Notwithstanding the challenges businesses are facing, this is a unique environment to make competitive gains by harnessing the value of IT investments, knowledge management tools, and people, Kurt Delbene, vice president, Office Business Platform Group for Microsoft said during another presentation. Delbene said a company’s ability to streamline and increase efficiencies, keep know-how within a company, retain and attract customers, and keep top talent in this highly competitive environment will determine how it will fair through this tough economic period.

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