Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reduce Risk, Focus on Compliance

Posted by Mark Brousseau

Complying with an eDiscovery request can be an expensive and time consuming exercise.

"The ever-increasing volume of information and records created and stored in electronic form creates a growing need for automated and flexible systems designed to improve litigation defensibility and response," said Tom Bliss, Group Conference Director, Questex Media, producers of the AIIM Expo + Conference.

In his annual state of the industry address at the AIIM Expo + Conference, AIIM President John Mancini noted the intersection between collaboration and security concerns within organizations. As core document, content, and records management technologies move to the mainstream, there are many new collaborative tools to empower employees to create, publish, and distribute information. Colliding with this trend are increasing compliance and legal demands to control critical and sensitive content and information.

"No organization wants or can afford to be caught unprepared. The costs and risks are simply too high," Bliss said, noting IT and business professionals must learn how to build bullet-proof records and information

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