Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's Document Challenges

By Mark Brousseau

Today’s document capture and enterprise content management (ECM) users are challenged by increasing costs to manage critical business content, says Craig Laue (, Eastern Regional Manager for ABBYY USA. The key culprits are the growing amounts of business information across organizations, and the tighter regulatory compliance standards, Laue told attendees at TAWPI’s Capture Conference in Florida last week.

Complicating matters, Laue noted, is that the content management systems installed at most organizations are unable to resolve key business problems: easy access to information for all employees, improved customer satisfaction, and mechanisms for disaster recovery.

To confront these challenges, Laue says more end-users are looking for solutions that provide:

… indexes through document capture
… full-text document search and indexing
… improved access to information
… information sharing capabilities
… fewer duplicate processes

By leveraging advanced document capture and ECM technologies, users can achieve a range a benefits, Laue said, including: increased productivity, lower cost per department/project, faster search capabilities, accurate data/database usage, audit tracking, and enhanced customer service and vendor relations. What’s more, users can avoid the side effects of manual data entry – longer processing times, high costs, more errors, and repetitive and duplicate processes.

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